Green Jacket

US Masters Green Jacket

Green JacketIn addition to the winner’s cheque, the Masters Trophy and a myriad of other golfing perks, winners of the US Masters are awarded an Augusta National Green Jacket. The Jacket is awarded for one year and has to be returned to the club after the Champion’s 12 month reign. From then on, the recipient must wear it on all future visits to the Club. Traditionally the Jacket is given at the end of the tournament, with the previous year’s winner helping the new champion to don his very own, it also serves as a welcome symbol for new club members. This tradition began in 1949 and the Green Jacket has become synonymous with golfing excellence eversince.

The Jacket actually became part of the Augusta National tradition during the 1937 Tournament, when it was agreed that club members would wear green jacket's to distinguish themselves to the spectators. If a player wins the tournament in successive years, such as Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods, then the new Jacket is presented by the Augusta National Club President.